Diaper Cake

Ever wanted to make a practical and unique gift for a baby shower? Check out this diaper cake I made for a friend for her baby shower! It was super easy and lots of fun to make! You can use any diaper brand and add any décor or baby products you like!

How I made it:

1) I rolled the diapers up individually and secured them with a clear elastic band.

2) I then secured the diapers together by layer with one large ribbon. Each layer is fully made from diapers.

3) I secured the layers together with wooden dowels so that the cake would not topple over (Ensure the dowel goes INBETWEEN the diapers and not through them) and placed the cake on a piece of foam bristle board so that I could carry it.

4) Decorate! You can put on whatever products or small gifts you would like (ie. Pacifiers, baby cream, socks, bibs, stuffed animals etc.) Drug stores and some grocery stores sell travel sized products, which are great to use. It is a good idea to choose an attractive topper to finish off the look.

5) I then wrapped the entire cake in clear cellophane and tied it together with ribbon.

The cake can be made as large or as small as you wish depending on how many diapers you use. You can make it gender neutral or give it a theme. Try it out and get creative! See what you come up with!

                                       IMG_0898  IMG_0899-2

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