#MomsTO Halloween Lunch

Hey all! I am super excited to attend this years Halloween edition of #MomsTO lunch at La Carnita on October 26th! I will be the events medical professional there to answer questions and concerns from the everyday modern and cool mom! MomsTO is a great initiative that was started to reinvent maternity leave. It is a way for moms and their babes to get together, chat, eat, and drink in a safe and non-judgemental space. If you are interested in partaking in one of their upcoming events, check out their website or Facebook page!

Website: http://www.momsto.com
Facebook: MomsTO – Mommies that Like to Wine: Mommy Events & Meet Ups

I am excited to meet all the moms and babes and help them navigate their healthcare queries! And don’t forget your costume!!

See you there!

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