Baby Fact: Milestones

Parents ask me all the time about what exciting things they can look forward to now that they have their baby home! I am going to review just a few of the amazing skills you will see your baby learn in the first 6 months of their life.

6 weeks:

This is when your baby will start you show you his or her social smile! This time it won’t be because of gas! Your baby will also be able to watch and follow objects that are moving in front of them.

2 months:

All that tummy time practice will pay off because by 2 months your baby should be able to lift their head full yon their own when on their tummy! Also, your baby should start to “coo” and be able to look toward a sound! The best milestone parents love at this age is your babies ability to recognize your face!

4 months:

This is a big age for milestones, but also for increased supervision and safety. Your baby will begin to roll from their tummy to their back by 4 months, grasp objects and pick them up, and brings objects to their mouth. Your baby also learns how to respond to affection, is able to babble more, laugh, and squeal! Another amazing skill your baby learns at this age is the ability to self-sooth, as well as starting to sleep through the night! Woohoo!

6 months:

By this age, your baby should be showing off how they can roll in both directions, well they can control their head and how they can sit with support or in a tripod position. They also show you how they can grab so hard and pull your hair and how they can transfer an object from one hand to the other. In terms of speech and language, your baby can now make more sounds when spoken to, can imitate sounds, and is able to respond to their name! Your baby should also now be able to hold their own bottle and feed themselves with finger foods.

It is important to remember that every baby is different and some babies will achieve these milestones slightly earlier or later than others. Your doctor or NP is there to answer any questions you may have as your baby develops.


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