Great Parent Find: Little Auggie Linens

I was flower shopping in Toronto and was walking around the store and noticed, tucked nicely away around side of the flower shop, was a little linen pop-up shop. The soft pinks, bright blues, and lavender colours immediately drew, me but gosh there is so much more!! Auggie was started by two Torontonian sisters and their products are sold in Canada and the United States. I must say their products are fabulous and fancy! They make full linen sets and amazing quilts for your baby’s crib, your toddlers “big kid” bed, even twin and queen sized beds, pajamas and more! This company makes it easy to put together the perfect bed for your precious little one! I am just obsessed! Take a look at the Felix Collection, Pretty with Pink Collection, and the Rabbit Patch Collection at Shop online or find a realtor near you! Enjoy!

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