Parent Tip: What to pack in your hospital bag when you deliver

Is it almost that time now? Your due date is around the corner and everyone is telling you to pack your bags! Here is a list of “Must-haves” that should be packed with you when you head to the hospital to deliver your bundle of joy. Of course this list can be altered for personal taste, the items below are just recommendations.

  • Comfortable nightgown/pajama
    • It may be in your best interest to bring something without a tight waste band to prevent putting pressure on your abdomen (especially If you had you have a C-section)
    • Also a top that can button down the front will be very beneficial for breastfeeding
  • Slippers, socks, and/or flip flops
    • Something that is comfortable and are easy-on and easy-off
  • Bathrobe
    • To throw on when you need to go for a walk- we all know hospitals can be chilly
  • Ful bum underwear
    • Bring multiple pairs say 5, and maybe bring some pairs you do not mind throwing away
    • Think low-rise also if you planning on having a C-section
  • Sanitary napkins
    • Used after delivery to line your underwear
  • Toiletries
    • Hospitals may supply basic essentials but after delivery you may want your own products to make you feel like yourself again (ie. Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, lip Baum, hair elastics/clips, tooth brush, tooth paste)
  • Going home outfit
    • Something loose and comfortable is best, especially after a C-section
    • Flat shoes would also be the most practical
  • Baby clothes
    • This will be your baby’s first public appearance so bring one of your favorites
    • Do not forget to bring layers as you may not be able to predict the temperature
    • A swaddle blanket is also a must, along with a hat and socks
  • Diaper bag
    • Not all birthing units provide diapers and wipes after you deliver, so bring some of your own. The bag can also provide you with another carrier to bring items, such as gifts, home from the hospital
  • Nursing bras and breast feeding pillow
    • These may be bulky but you will be needing them especially with all the breastfeeding practice you will be doing after your baby arrives
  • Cell phone charger
    • You will be calling and texting so you want to make sure your phone is fully charged on the big day
  • Pen and note pad
    • To jot down the important information you learn and also to remember any questions you may have for the medical team while you are there and before you leave
  • Camera and/or video camera
    • It would be great to photograph this special day but if you forget the camera, I am sure someone can bring one for you. Also, in this day in age, every smartphone is will equipped with a good camera to capture to moment
  • Car Seat
    • This is a MUST!! You will not be allowed to leave a hospital without one!
  • Snacks
    • You may not be eating or drinking much during delivery but Dad might get hungry during the process so having snacks may be beneficial. Also, after all the hard work of delivering, you will have a hankering for your favorite food, so having it with you will be great!

If you realize you have forgotten anything, I am sure there is a friend or family member who will be able to bring you anything you may need!

If you brought something with you to your delivery that is not on this list that you couldn’t be without, I would love to know what it was so email me!

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